Is Red Lobster Open On Easter In 2024?

Is Red Lobster Open On Easter In 2024?

For most individuals, Easter heralds the arrival of joy and good cuisine. Why not try something different for Easter dinner this year and order seafood from Red Lobster in place of your typical ham dish? Is Red Lobster open on Easter, though?

We have provided you with a detailed article to address your question. To learn everything there is to know about Red Lobster’s Easter hours, be sure to read this.

Is Red Lobster Open On Easter

On Easter, Red Lobster will be Open. On April 9, This chain of casual dining restaurants will be available to serve patrons in any situation. Red Lobster will be Open During regular business hours On Easter, which are 11:00 a.m. To 10:00 p.m.

Since 1968, Red Lobster has given its patrons impeccable service. Red Lobster’s decision to keep its restaurants open on Easter is therefore nothing short of fantastic news.

How long, though, will the chain keep its eateries open? On Easter, what will Red Lobster serve its customers? Check Out this article To learn more!

What is Red Lobster Easter Hours?

Red Lobster Easter Day Hours
Opening Hours 11:00 am
Closing Hours 11:00 pm

This Easter, Red Lobster will be welcome guests to purchase wonderful cuisine from the restaurant. The Chain’s Restaurants will Remain open on April 9 during regular business hours, which are 11:00 a.m. To 10:00 p.m.

Globally, Red Lobster has many locations. There are 719 locations for this chain altogether. It goes without saying that the meal must be delicious! So this Easter, stop by your neighborhood Red Lobster and savor a delicious lunch!

Red Lobster Easter Specials That You Can Try

This Easter, here are the top five Red Lobster menu items you should order:

  • Red Lobster  Rice Pilaf
  • Lobster Bisque
  • Red Lobster Chicken Pasta
  • Red Lobster Coconut Shrimps
  • Red Lobster Bacon Potato Soup

Red Lobster Rice Pilaf

Is Red Lobster Open On Easter

One’s hunger is always sated with rice dishes. They are nice and filling. Red Lobster has to place its well-known rice pilaf dish on the menu in light of this. You’ll be Thinking About this Menu item for a very long Time because it’s so excellent!

The rice pilaf from Red Lobster is quite flavorful. Depending on whether the client is vegetarian or not, the rice is either cooked in flavor-infused water or chicken broth. This Recipe has the Perfect Amount of seasoning, as well as a variety of spices and vegetables.

The ideal Red Lobster recipe for you to attempt this Easter is rice pilaf! It is tasty yet easy, making it the ideal dinner to include in your Easter feast. It is light but full.

Lobster Bisque

Is Red Lobster Open On Easter

Since Red Lobster’s name includes the word “lobster” in its whole, it stands to reason that its lobster bisque would be absolutely wonderful! If you order the Red Lobster plus a few biscuits, or any other item from the breadbasket, you’ll be in culinary nirvana!

The lobster bisque from Red Lobster is really creamy and slightly tart. This recipe has a deep flavor profile, and the inclusion of lobster meat elevates it even further.

White wine, whipped cream, olive oil, lobster tails, and other ingredients are some of the primary components of this lobster bisque. Enjoy a wonderful meal at Red Lobster on Easter by ordering this dish!

Red Lobster Chicken Pasta

Red Lobster Chicken Pasta

When it Comes To filling one’s stomach with delectable yet simple-to-make meals, pasta recipes are a blessing. Red Lobster’s chicken spaghetti, which adds a touch of simplicity To its menu, is a must-try for every client!

Red Lobster’s chicken pasta will fulfill all of your pasta fantasies because it is bursting with flavor and has a creamy texture.

Nicely Cooked chicken, Cajun seasoning, Linguine, Heavy cream, Butter, Sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, etc. are All ingredients in this recipe.

This spaghetti dish is destined to become your favorite once you try it this Easter because its flavors are wonderfully matched.

Red Lobster Coconut Shrimp

Red Lobster Chicken Pasta

At Red Lobster, order the coconut shrimp to sate your need for seafood. It is crunchy and offers a distinct culinary experience on its own. Make sure to get the coconut shrimp if you’re intending to eat at Red Lobster this Easter!

The giant shrimp pieces are coated with coconut flakes to create the Red Lobster coconut shrimp by tossing them in the flakes before cooking. For you to drink on as you eat this dish, it is accompanied with a pina colada.

Red Lobster Bacon Potato Soup

Red Lobster Chicken Pasta

Holidays can be exhausting, and you might need a little consolation. One approach is to treat yourself to comfort food. So what better culinary item to use for it than Red Lobster’s bacon potato soup?

One of the Nicest things on the Menu is the Red Lobster bacon potato soup. It has a lot of taste and is creamy. It is prepared with a proportionate amount of cheese and vegetables. Cheese, potatoes, bacon, and other basic components are some of the important ones.

How To Find a Red Lobster Near You?

Check out the steps below to find your nearest Red Lobster this Easter:

Is Red Lobster Open On Easter

  • Now, enter your city and state name or zip code.
  • Click on search. Now, the page shows the list of locations.
  • Click on any one to find the address, phone number, store hours and order options.


On Easter, Red Lobster will be open to guests. Customers Can visit Red Lobster on April 9 from 11:00 am To 10:00 pm. Enjoy and celebrate Easter by placing a Red Lobster food order!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you go to Red Lobster on Easter?

Red Lobster will be open and ready to serve customers on April 9, which is Easter.

What time will Red Lobster open and close on Easter?

Red Lobster will be open and taking orders on Easter as normal, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

What is the number for Red Lobster?

Red Lobster: Call (800) 562-7837 for customer service

What food can you get at Red Lobster for Easter?

You should try rice pilaf, lobster bisque, chicken pasta, coconut shrimps, bacon potato soup, etc. from Red Lobster’s menu this Easter.

How many places does Red Lobster have?

What Used to be a Single family-owned Restaurant in Lakeland, Florida, Now has over 700 sites all Over the World.

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