Red Lobster’s First Endless Lobster Event Sold Out In 12 Minutes Flat

Red Lobster’s First Endless Lobster Event Sold Out In 12 Minutes Flat

Who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to consume as much free lobster as they could find? That is the precise idea behind Red Lobster’s Endless Lobster celebration, which was first revealed on March 14.

In three scheduled, two-hour events at Red Lobster’s Times Square location, the restaurant said it would serve customers as much lobster as they could eat. This was stated in an official press release from the business.

The press announcement advised lobster enthusiasts who were interested in attending the event to sign up for complimentary tickets beginning on March 21.

Red Lobster Endless Lobster Event 

Red Lobster’s official Twitter account informed followers that ticket sales would begin at 10:00 am as promised.

With only 50 seats available per Endless Lobster sitting and over 300,000 Twitter followers for the restaurant, it’s simple to picture the excitement that surrounded the occasion.

Red Lobster tweeted that all three Endless Lobster event tickets had been claimed just 12 minutes later.

Red Lobster’s Event is a Clever Marketing Ploy

Red Lobster informed followers through Twitter that “ALL SEATS HAVE BEEN CLAIMED! Congratulations to our craziest supporters! Awaiting you on March 28.

Unable to obtain a ticket, potential players were less than pleased and vented their annoyance on Twitter. “I was refreshing from 9:55 on, but the site wouldn’t add my tickets, and then boom,” remarked user @DRuthLeeds. Out of stock. currently very irate.

Red Lobster hinted that its Endless Lobster event in New York might not be the last time it held one when it advised customers to join the restaurant’s rewards program in a response to another Twitter user.

Red Lobster Endless Lobster Event 

The timing of Red Lobster’s promotion is intriguing. As the nation devolves into an economic catastrophe, the corporation has been reporting dwindling revenues.

According to a report by Restaurant Business, the firm that runs Red Lobster said it will be preparing new marketing initiatives in an effort to draw customers. The latest promotion from Red Lobster might have been motivated by the company’s fresh marketing approach.

Whether the Endless Lobster event is successful in drawing more Red Lobster customers is yet to be determined, but it is certain that the upcoming event will result in a significant marketing expense for the company.


A national seafood hit, Red Lobster’s inaugural endless lobster event won the hearts and appetites of seafood fans everywhere.

The event’s excellent value for money, short duration, and Red Lobster’s standing as a reliable seafood brand all contributed to its resounding success.

Although the event’s quick sell-out left some patrons disappointed, the favorable response to the promotion indicates that there might be interest in another endless lobster event in the future.

Check out Red Lobster’s menu if you enjoy seafood and are searching for a wonderful and opulent meal. There is something for everyone to appreciate among the selection of lobster dishes and other seafood favorites. Who knows, perhaps there will soon be another unending lobster event!

FAQs About Red Lobster Endless Lobster Event

Will Red Lobster be hosting another endless lobster event?

Red Lobster has not announced any plans for another endless lobster event. However, the overwhelming response to the first event suggests that there may be demand for another event in the future. Keep an eye on Red Lobster’s website and social media channels for updates.

Can I still order lobster at Red Lobster even if the endless lobster event is not available?

Yes, you can still order lobster at Red Lobster even if the endless lobster event is not available. Red Lobster offers a variety of lobster dishes on their menu, including lobster tail, lobster mac and cheese, and lobster bisque.

Did the endless lobster event include drinks?

No, the endless lobster event did not include drinks. Customers were required to purchase drinks separately.

Was the endless lobster event available for takeout?

No, the endless lobster event was not available for takeout. It was only available for dine-in customers.

Will Red Lobster be offering any other promotions in the future?

Red Lobster regularly offers promotions and limited-time offers throughout the year. Keep an eye on their website and social media channels for updates on upcoming promotions.

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