Red Lobster Birthday Discount

Red Lobster Birthday Discount

Red Lobster Birthday Discount: Are you a seafood lover and want to celebrate your birthday? Red Lobster, a Popular seafood chain Restaurant in the United States, has you covered with its birthday discount program.

Red Lobster Birthday Discount

In This article, We’ll explore how to get and maximize your savings with Red Lobster’s birthday discount.

What is Red Lobster Birthday Discount?

Red Lobster’s birthday rate is a deal that gives customers a free gift on their birthday.

The birthday gift changes every year, but it usually consists of a free dessert or appetizer. Members of the Red Lobster loyalty program, My Red Lobster Rewards, can get the birthday rate.

Next time you’re looking for a tasty and wallet-friendly meal, remember Red Lobster menu prices for a satisfying choice.

Birthday Criteria Join Red Lobster reward program
Discount Value Free Birthday Reward
Available Online/At Resturant
Location United States

How To Avail Birthday Discount At Red Lobster?

Red Lobster is Giving away a Special Birthday Surprise to all the lovely people out there right now. Don’t Wait until next year To take advantage of the deal.

To Get Your Birthday discount, you’ll need to join the Red Lobster Reward Program as a Platinum Member. After that, Red Lobster will send you special deals and gifts just for your birthday.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Red Lobster Birthday Discount?

The Terms and conditions of Red Lobster’s birthday discount are:

  • To get the birthday rate, you must be a member of My Red Lobster Rewards.
  • To Get the birthday rate, you must put your birthday in your My Red Lobster Rewards profile at least 7 days before your birthday.
  • The birthday discount is only good for dine-in at selected Red Lobster restaurants in the US, PR, and Canada.
  • The discount for your birthday can’t be used with any other offer, discount, or deal.
  • The birthday deal can’t be given to someone else or turned into cash.

What other promotions does Red Lobster offer?

In Addition to the birthday discount, Red Lobster offers great deals and savings all year long through a number of different specials. Some well-known events are:

Endless Shrimp: During the Endless Shrimp promotion, you can eat as much shrimp as you want cooked in a variety of tasty ways. This Means You Can Eat as much of your favorite seafood dish as you want.

Lobsterfest: During the Season of Lobsterfest, Red Lobster Offers a variety of lobster Meals, such as lobster tails, lobster mac and cheese, And lobster bisque. It’s a great chance to enjoy the rich, delicious tastes of this seafood treat.

Crabfest: Crab Lovers will be happy about the Crabfest sale. Red Lobster has a variety of crab meals, like crab legs, crab cakes, and shrimp stuffed with crab, that show off the sweet and delicate taste of this popular crustacean.

Weekly Specials: Red Lobster also has weekly specials that feature certain things on the menu at lower prices. These deals change all the time, so you can try new foods or eat your favorites for less money.

Red Lobster Contact Information

Red Lobster Corporate Office Address – 450 S Orange Ave Orlando

Red Lobster Corporate Office Phone Number – 800-762-5637

Website –


The Birthday Discount at Red Lobster is a fun way for seafood lovers to enjoy their special day with a free dessert or appetizer.

Customers Who sign up for the My Red Lobster Rewards Program not only get a discount on their birthday, But they also get special deals and unique offers all year long.

So, The Next time it’s your birthday, Don’t forget to sign up for Red Lobster’s birthday deal And enjoy a delicious meal with fresh seafood, Great savings, And friendly service.

FAQs About Red Lobster Birthday Discount

Does Red Lobster Offer Birthday Discounts?

Yes, Red Lobster does give birthday deals.

Do I need to make a reservation to use the birthday discount?

Even Though reservations aren’t needed, it’s best to book a table for your party, Especially if you have a big group or want to go at a busy time.

How Can I get my Red Lobster Birthday Discount?

You Only Need to show a valid school ID And your date of birth at the restaurant to get your discount.

Can I use Red Lobster birthday discount for takeout or delivery orders?

No, the birthday discount is only good when you eat in at Red Lobster sites that offer it.

Can I use my Birthday Discount at Red Lobster more than once?

At Red, you can only use your coupon once a year.

How much can I save at Red Lobster on my Birthday?

Red Lobster is giving away a Special Birthday Surprise to all the lovely people out there right now.

Can I combine the birthday discount with other promotions or coupons?

The birthday discount can’t be used with any other discounts, deals, or special offers. But you can still take advantage of the standard deals and promotions at Red Lobster.

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