How Much Does Red Lobster Pay?

How Much Does Red Lobster Pay?

Working in the restaurant industry offers a range of opportunities, and Red Lobster stands as one of the prominent seafood restaurant chains in the United States.

How Much Does Red Lobster Pay

If you’re considering a career at Red Lobster, you may be wondering about the compensation you can expect.

In this article, we will explore the topic of how much Red Lobster pays its employees and provide insights into their compensation structure, including hourly wages, salaries, benefits, and more.

How Much Does Red Lobster Pay by State

In New York ($29,850), Colorado ($26,525), Maryland ($26,335), Delaware ($25,238), and Virginia ($24,697), Red Lobster offers the greatest earnings.

Highest Paying States At Red Lobster

Rank State Average Red Lobster salary Hourly pay
1 New York $29,850 $14
2 Colorado $26,525 $13
3 Maryland $26,335 $13
4 Delaware $25,238 $12
5 Virginia $24,697 $12
6 Pennsylvania $24,379 $12
7 Florida $23,456 $11
8 Oklahoma $21,605 $10

Red Lobster Salaries in Florida By Job Title

Regional training manager has the highest income at Red Lobster in Florida, with an average salary of $51,055. Restaurant manager, which earns $45,778 annually in Florida, comes in second.

Highest Paying Jobs At Red Lobster In Florida

Rank Job title Average Red Lobster salary Hourly pay
1 Regional Training Manager $51,055 $25
2 Restaurant Manager $45,778 $22
3 Floor Manager $45,520 $22
4 Management Trainee $45,388 $22
5 Part-Time Key Manager $45,313 $22
6 Hospitality Manager $43,818 $21
7 Assistant Service Manager $43,214 $21
8 General Manager $43,084 $21
9 Manager Trainee $41,846 $20
10 Teacher $41,833 $20

Top Paying Cities in Florida for Red Lobster

Rank City Average Red Lobster salary Hourly pay
1 Lake City, FL $23,514 $11
2 Jacksonville, FL $23,514 $11
3 Panama City, FL $23,505 $11
4 Tallahassee, FL $23,505 $11
5 Orange Park, FL $23,501 $11
6 Lakeside, FL $23,501 $11
7 Lady Lake, FL $23,485 $11
8 Daytona Beach Shores, FL $23,485 $11
9 Fort Walton Beach, FL $23,478 $11
10 Pensacola, FL $23,478 $11
11 Clearwater, FL $23,473 $11
12 Saint Augustine, FL $23,469 $11
13 Miami, FL $23,469 $11
14 Hollywood, FL $23,469 $11
15 North Miami, FL $23,469 $11
16 Ojus, FL $23,469 $11
17 Clermont, FL $23,466 $11
18 Sanford, FL $23,466 $11
19 Port Richey, FL $23,466 $11
20 Leesburg, FL $23,466 $11

Red Lobster Salaries in Florida by Department

Highest Paying Department At Red Lobster In Florida

Rank Department Average Red Lobster salary Hourly pay
1 Education $31,845 $15
2 Customer Service $29,986 $14
3 Retail $27,652 $13
4 Plant/Manufacturing $26,863 $13
5 Hospitality/Service $22,548 $11

Recently Added Red Lobster Salaries in Florida

Job Location Date added Salary
General Manager Vineyards, FL 04/20/2023 $60,000
General Manager Sanford, FL 04/08/2023 $60,000
Restaurant Manager Coral Springs, FL 04/04/2023 $52,000
Restaurant Manager Fort Myers, FL 03/20/2023 $44,400
Restaurant Manager West Palm Beach, FL 03/10/2023 $48,000

Benefits Offered by Red Lobster

How Much Does Red Lobster Pay

In addition to competitive pay, Red Lobster provides a range of benefits and perks to its employees.

These may include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, employee discounts, and opportunities for career advancement.

The specific benefits offered may vary depending on the employee’s position and length of service.

Red Lobster Employee Reviews

To gain insight into the experiences of Red Lobster employees, it’s essential to consider their reviews on compensation.

Many employees appreciate the competitive pay rates, especially considering the tips earned by servers.

However, some individuals feel that further improvements could be made to ensure a better work-life balance and increased earning potential.


Red Lobster offers competitive pay and a range of benefits to its employees.

Hourly wages vary depending on the role and experience, while management and supervisory positions come with a salary range of $40,000 to $80,000 per year.

The company also provides opportunities for career advancement and is committed to fair wages in the restaurant industry.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I apply for a job at Red Lobster?

To apply for a job at Red Lobster, you can visit their official website or check job search platforms for available positions. The company typically provides an online application process.

Are tips included in the hourly wages at Red Lobster?

No, tips are not included in the hourly wages. Red Lobster employees who receive tips, such as servers, earn additional income through gratuities.

Do Red Lobster employees receive employee discounts?

Yes, Red Lobster employees often enjoy employee discounts, allowing them to dine at Red Lobster at a reduced cost.

Are there part-time opportunities available at Red Lobster?

Yes, Red Lobster offers part-time positions in various roles. These positions often provide flexible schedules for individuals seeking part-time employment.

Does Red Lobster provide health insurance for its employees?

Yes, Red Lobster offers health insurance benefits to eligible employees. The specific coverage and eligibility criteria may vary.

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