Red Lobster Vegan Options

Red Lobster Vegan Options 2022

Red Lobster is not very vegan-friendly, to put it mildly. Red Lobster does not offer vegan options, but they do offer a selection of vegan side dishes that can help you get by as a vegetarian.

Red Lobster Vegan Options

➦ Vegans won’t get a great meal here if they have to.

Red Lobster doesn’t have enough vegan options to make a great meal. This is especially true if the local restaurant makes a side that is supposed to be vegan but has butter and only serves vegetarian food.

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Red Lobster Vegan Menu

➦ The Red Lobster Vagan menu is below.

Red Lobster Vegan Pasta

Red Lobster Vegan Options

➦ Red Lobster’s modified Kung Pao Noodles is the closest vegan option. The noodles, crispy onions, cashews, edamame, cabbage, and crispy onions, can be ordered without any chicken or seafood. However, we could not verify that the sweet and spicy ginger sauce contained no animal products.

➦ Red Lobster restaurants offer an option to order off-menu. Ask for pasta with only vegan marinara sauce.

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Red Lobster Sides and additions for vegans

Red Lobster Vegan Options
➦ Red Lobster’s Sea-Salted fries are vegan, even though they are made in shared fryers.

➦ Dip them in vegan-friendly sauces like ketchup, marinara, or pico de gallo. For more potato-y goodness, don’t forget to add plain baked potatoes.

➦ Red Lobster locations will confirm that vegan sides such as broccoli, crispy Brussels sprouts, and green beans won’t have butter added.

Red Lobster Vegan Kids Menu

Red Lobster Vegan Options

➦ It is challenging to find vegan options on Red Lobster Kids Menu, and red Lobster’s only option for vegan kids is a side dish of fruit.

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Red Lobster Vegan Salads

Red Lobster Vegan Options

➦ Red Lobster offers a simple House Salad that you can make vegan friendly, just like most casual restaurants.

➦ You can choose to have it without cheese or croutons, and French dressing is the only vegan dressing you can use to top your greens, onions, and tomatoes.

Red Lobster House Salad

Red Lobster Vegan Options

➦ Simple as it may be, a baked potato and salad make for decent vegan eating at Red Lobster.

➦ Order your Baked Potato without butter or sour cream and opt for marinara sauce, pico de Gallo, or cocktail sauce. French dressing is your only vegan option for the House Salad.

Red Lobster Vegan Beverages

Red Lobster Vegan Options

➦ You can order a drink if you don’t want to eat with non-vegans. Red Lobster has frozen and on-the-rock peach, raspberry margaritas, and beer or wine.

➦ Some of these may be vegan-friendly. Red Lobster has a few locations that offer bottled Guinness, and this beverage has been made vegan-friendly in recent years.

You can order a soda, tea, coffee, lemonade, and other beverages, aside from alcohol.

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Does Red Lobster Have Vegetarian Options?

➦ Yes, Red Lobster does offer some vegetarian options, and a few other items can be customized to fit a vegetarian diet (just like in the case of vegan). A user provides suggestions for some good vegetarian options at Red Lobster.

FAQs – Red Lobster Vegan

Red Lobster’s Kung Pao Noodles are vegan?

➦ Red Lobster’s Kung Pao Noodles With Chicken does not contain eggs, milk, shellfish, fish, or other animal products.

➦ It is possible that the sauce could be ordered without the chicken to make it vegan. We are unable to confirm that the sauce is vegan.

Red Lobster biscuits are vegan?

➦ Sadly, no. Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits, which are Red Lobster’s signature, are not vegan-friendly.

Are Red Lobster Fries Vegan?

➦ The Sea-Salted French Fries at Red Lobster are vegan. Cross-contamination concerns the preparation of the fries as everything is fried in the same oil. The fries themselves, though, are vegan.

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