The Truth About Red Lobster

The Truth About Red Lobster

There’s a good probability that you’ve heard of Red Lobster if you enjoy seafood. Seafood-based menu items have been offered by the well-known chain restaurant. What exactly do you know about Red Lobster, though?

Is it really as fantastic as everyone says? And is the cost justified? This article will examine Red Lobster’s reality in more detail.

Slate Claims that Red Lobster’s odd Position in The American dining scene has Something to do with its long-standing connection To the middle class.

The Truth About Red Lobster

They Dominated the market for average American families seeking a nice meal out that wouldn’t break the bank but had more value than the Dollar Menu. Their peak years, the 1990s, saw them serve as the standard for family-friendly casual dining.

That Heyday has passed, and dining has altered in the same way that the entire country’s landscape has.

Red Lobster suddenly began focusing on gaining back customers rather than keeping them, which says a lot about not only what families want in 21st-century eating, but also about what they can spend.

Fast-casual has replaced casual, but one thing remains constant. Those biscuits and the endless shrimp are unbeatable.

Those Biscuits Were a Late Addition

There is not a single woman born who does not enjoy Red Lobster cheddar biscuits, as Tina Fey noted in her autobiography Bossypants. Those who assert otherwise are both liars and socialists.

Strong statements, but the Chicago Tribune’s investigation into the Cheddar Bay Biscuit Cult revealed that they are essentially accurate. They discovered that restaurants regularly bake new batches and hardly ever discard any.

It’s Odd that the biscuits were added to the menu so recently given how closely they are linked to Red Lobster. They only appeared in the early 1990s, and Kurt Hankins is the man responsible for their invention.

The Truth About Red Lobster

Hankins Claims that he was entrusted with coming up with a substitute for hush puppies and that he began by making Texas-style toast. That eventually became biscuits, partly because they paired well with seafood and partly because they’re the ideal comfort food.

They Underwent testing in Georgia, made their debut as “freshly baked, hot cheese garlic bread,” and were given their current name five years later, Cheddar Bay Biscuits. They were successful. Every day, about 1.1 million biscuits are served.

The Endless Shrimp is Actually Endless

They may claim that the shrimp are limitless, but is that actually the case? It’s Common Knowledge that all-you-can-eat restaurants won’t hesitate to eject the heaviest diners, so you may assume the same logic is at play here.

However, Business Insider went to Red Lobster in 2016 with the intention of ordering so much food from the Endless Shrimp menu that they would be cut off.

Not at all. When the two reporters finished their eight-hour marathon at Red Lobster, they had consumed a total of 305 shrimp. They then requested additional shrimp in a bag to go.

The Truth About Red Lobster

They also received that. Throughout what amounted to a typical workday, they discovered Red Lobster was not only supporting them but also showing them some shrimp-filled dishes that weren’t on the regular menu.

They also gave advice on how to keep going, recommending ginger ale for digestion and minty mojitos.

When a group from The Huffington Post tested it in 2013, one person ate an incredible 101 shrimp on their own. Indeed, endless!

The Shrimp Almost Broke Them

You’d believe that their business plan was flawed because limitless Shrimp is unquestionably limitless. When Red Lobster Failed in 2014, it Wasn’t because of how much shrimp They consumed; rather, it Was because of their expenses.

The World’s Major Producers of Shrimp, China, Vietnam, And Thailand, Were decimated by a gigantic blight and bacterial disease that sent prices through the roof, according to Quartz.

Any firm, especially one that depends on the in issue commodity as a key mainstay, would fail if the price Red Lobster was paying for its shrimp tripled between 2009 and 2013.

The Truth About Red Lobster

That raised the query, “How much shrimp would a person have to eat before Red Lobster starts losing money,” which Business Insider kindly responded to. The average cost of the Endless Shrimp deal in 2012 was $15.99.

A consumer would need to consume around 3 pounds of shrimp to truly get their money’s worth based on insider information that they were paying around $5 per pound.

That is an absurd number. it’s about 100 shrimp. Nevertheless, the cost hike hurt seafood the most.

Endless Snow Crab was a Terrible Idea

While Endless Shrimp generates significant revenue for them, Endless Snow Crab was a disastrous oversight.

When crab cost about $5 per pound in 2003, according to Anchor of Gold, Red Lobster developed their Endless Snow Crab. The math is probably going to be off because they were charging $20 for each customer.

In the end, the promotion meant they were losing nearly $1.1 million a month while it was running because they were no longer generating a profit after just three plates of the deal.

The Truth About Red Lobster

The difference is that snow crab is strictly regulated, and the amount that will be available on the market relies on what the US government approves. Only 172 million pounds of snow crab could be harvested in 2002.

That May seem like a lot, But in the late 1990s, that amounted to Roughly 250 million pounds. Prices Went up when there was less crab available, But consumer appetites never changed.

They Invented Popcorn Shrimp And the POS

Without popcorn shrimp, what would the world be like? Definitely a lot sadder environment, and if Joe Lee and Charles Woodsby’s interview with the Orlando Business Journal is to be believed, Red Lobster is to be credited with creating it.

One of the innovations they made to change the restaurant business, according to Lee, was popcorn shrimp. They Also Developed the first Point-of-sale System at a time when computer technology was only beginning to catch up to what the world needed it for.

The Truth About Red Lobster

They Developed a system that is now in almost every sizable restaurant because they wanted to be able to measure sales.

They also Claimed to have introduced calamari And snow crab to a sizable portion of America, While there is Considerable disagreement regarding the popcorn shrimp claim.

Red Lobster claims to have had the idea in 1974, but according to Filter Corp, Paul Prudhomme, a Creole and Cajun chef, had the original inspiration. Who is Telling the Truth, Then?

They Have Dreams of Farm Life

Red Lobster is working to develop a way to entirely self-sustain the lobster industry, not only sell lobster.

The Australian Research Council’s development of lobster farming programs reportedly received money from Darden Group as early as 1998, yet it took an astounding 16 years before scientists were able to produce lobsters in cages.

The Time is also ideal because, according to studies, wild lobster numbers are in danger throughout the world.

Darden, the previous parent company of Red Lobster, said (via Darden Digest) that they were totally investing in lobster protection.

The Truth About Red Lobster

They Contributed to the establishment of the Atlantic Lobster Sustainability Foundation, took part in the Global FISH Alliance, and sponsored the Darden Aquafarm, which they intended to be operating by 2029 and producing about 40 million pounds of lobster annually.

The World’s first commercial lobster farm, it was a massive undertaking. According To the Orlando Sentinel, the 23,000-acre farm would employ 12,000 People And cost $650 million, of Which Darden Would pay $300 million.

What is the end goal? Deliver spiny lobsters, like the one in the picture, that were raised sustainably to Red Lobster. Sadly, Darden And Red Lobster have since broken off their relationship, And the project seems to be dead in the water.

Food Coma Claims

One of their cuisine writers, Kevin Shalin, was featured in a 2013 article on the parody news website The Rock City Times. They said that he had consumed 413 biscuits, each containing 51.5 sticks of butter, before falling into a coma.

While his friends cautioned him to stop at number 412, it was number 413 that knocked him to the ground. Another Local Food writer was Quoted as saying, “He had no idea what to expect.

He decided to try one of the biscuits.” They were, in his opinion, the most wonderful things he had ever ingested. Then he took off.

The Truth About Red Lobster

Another Thing To take note of is the outlet’s self-description as “Arkansas’ 2nd More Unreliable News source,” which ought to have been a red flag. The Story was Published in tabloid-style newspapers all over Canada and Britain because it wasn’t.

Most removed the story once they recognized it was a fraud, but according to The Huffington Post, they generally forgot to inform their viewers that it was a scam. Shalin had to confirm on Twitter that it was phony because it had circulated so widely. I am good. I skipped 413 of the biscuits.

Lobster Lookalikes

In 2016, Red Lobster was the target of controversy following extensive DNA testing by Inside Edition. They discovered that not all of the lobster in the chain’s lobster soup was what customers typically expected; some of it was langostino.

Red Lobster hurried to explain that the bisque was made using a variety of lobster, including Maine and Langostino, as it is the stuff of scandal.

The Truth About Red Lobster

They were puzzled by the tests’ apparent focus on this less common and less expensive species of lobster (which is connected to a hermit crab), and when Inside Edition inquired as to what was going on, Red Lobster referred to it as “luck of the ladle.

Sound strange? The Oregonian was informed that they would be revising the menu nevertheless in order to more fully and accurately reflect all the contents.

Fair enough, Nathan’s and Soupman were also implicated in the incident, so Red Lobster wasn’t the only one to fall victim to it.

Over-serving Alcohol lawsuit

Any Establishment that serves alcohol has a duty to its patrons, And in 2017, a Red Lobster patron Who left the establishment with a blood alcohol level of.31, More than three times the legal limit, filed a lawsuit.

Marlene Spencer, 82, didn’t make it very far before she fell in the parking lot, hitting her head, breaking both her hip And her right arm.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the lawsuit claimed that Spencer And several of the other residents of her senior living facility had previously been overserved at that particular Red Lobster restaurant.

The Truth About Red Lobster

When Eater Contacted Red Lobster to try to get more information, They Simply Responded with a statement clarifying that they had strict guidelines in place for serving alcohol.

But Wouldn’t comment further as it was an ongoing legal matter. Spencer’s daughter claimed she had spoken to staff and management about their alcohol policies more than once.

The Green Frog Launched Two Ships

Now that you know all the interesting trivia about Red Lobster, let’s discuss the chain’s peculiar past. Early on, Bill Darden wanted to own a restaurant. In the 1930s, he started the Green Frog in Waycross, Georgia, at the youthful age of 19.

Locals enjoyed the 25-seat diner’s drive-up service and conventional diner meals including chicken, steak, and other southern favorites because it offered “service with a hop.

It Would be an understatement To say that Darden was ahead of his time. Despite being in the Deep South, the Green Frog did not divide its patrons into different racial groups.

The Truth About Red Lobster

In Waycross, the first Green Frog closed its doors in 1981. The original structure is still standing, and the community is still aware of Green Frog’s heritage.

The well-known clothing store King Frog can be found if you travel along Interstate 75 through Georgia between Valdosta and Tifton. It might be difficult to believe, but Red Lobster and that boutique have ties that go back a very long way.

Entrepreneur John L. Williams bought a Quality Inn in Adel, Georgia, in 1973, making him the owner of the nearby (and popular) Green Frog restaurant as well.

He kept the frog, elevated him to royalty, and put King Frog on miles of billboards to point tired and somewhat curious drivers in the direction of Adel. As a result, two well-known brands were born from the Green Frog.

It Owes a lot to Howard Johnson

Bill Darden invested in the Howard Johnson chain because he had extra money after the Green Frog’s success.

If Your Only knowledge of HoJo Comes from Mad Men, You might be startled to learn that it was not only the first nationwide chain of full-service restaurants, But also the second most well-liked one in the 1960s and 1970s. Twenty Howard Johnson hotels or eateries were fully or partially owned by Darden.

The Truth About Red Lobster

In a Stroke of luck, Darden’s perfect timing allowed him to own every Howard Johnson in Florida during a real estate boom.

Once More, with a small scratch in his pocket, he started looking for a different restaurant, this time in Florida, to change the course of events.

They Sold the Chain Out Very Early

Darden was aware that fish was a top seller at his restaurants, so sticking with the theme of seafood seemed secure. The company searched elsewhere in the Sunshine State after learning that Gary’s Duck Inn was keeping Orlando in check.

The Red Lobster Inn (original name), Which is located in Lakeland, Florida, about halfway between Orlando and Tampa and 40 miles from the shore, first opened its doors in 1968.

The Original clever slogan for Darden And his business partner Charley Woodsby’s “harbor for seafood lovers” was an instant smash.

The Truth About Red Lobster

The Number of Red Lobster sites swiftly increased to five, including one in South Carolina. It quickly attracted General Mills’ attention. Even though Red Lobster had barely been around for two years, The partners sold the entire network in 1970.

Darden and Woodsby both Remained with the company And were hired by General Mills. Ron Woodsby, Charley’s son, previously revealed to me that his father was ecstatic to sell Red Lobster at the time. It was becoming more expensive to buy lobster given its price.

What the Duck?

You’re probably familiar with Darden. However, you might not be familiar with Woodsby. Charley Woodsby, a fellow Georgian, met Bill Darden. They had their sights set on a different eatery, this one serving seafood.

In Orlando, Gary Starling opened Gary’s Duck Inn in 1945. In the days before Disney, when Orlando was essentially a ghost town, the restaurant was immensely well-liked and a must-stop for everyone who arrived.

The Truth About Red Lobster

Darden, Woodsby, and their other investors acquired Gary in 1963, 18 years later.

The new proprietors were eager to test this new dish despite their reputation for excellent lobster and shrimp. In 1994, Gary’s Duck Inn closed. On the location where it once stood on Orange Blossom Trail, there is now a 7-11 and a Dollar General.

Other Founder’s Son in the Restaurant biz

Woodsby is a significant player in the restaurant industry. Charley stayed on after selling to General Mills for a few years before retiring early at the young age of 42, and that retirement lasted exactly one year.

He once more got the itch to build a restaurant, and together with Ron, he did it in Lakeland at Talk of the Town.

They chose the name for their new restaurant empire since they liked it so much. They kept opening restaurants all around the broader Central Florida region, and they still do.

The Truth About Red Lobster

They have FishBones as one of their eateries. It’s not the same as the well-known chain Bonefish Grill, contrary to what you might have assumed.

Ron Woodsby concurred that it sounded comparable. He sued the parent company of Outback Steakhouse in 2002 for using his name and likeness without permission.

You believe you are perplexed. When she didn’t receive an employee discount at Fishbones, a worker at an Outback-owned business once “became angry! In case you were wondering, Fishbones launched five years before Bonefish Grill, in 2000.

Furthermore, neither of them is related to Fishbone, a band that debuted in 1979. I know it’s a lot to process.

Darden Spun Out of General Mills

Till 1983, Bill Darden remained employed by General Mills. Even after retiring, he continued to advise them and monitor Red Lobster and the rest of their restaurant chain.

General Mills devised a strategy to establish a new firm for their restaurant division following his passing in 1994.

In 1995, the restaurant division of the company was spun out and given the name Darden Restaurants, Inc. as the ultimate tribute to one of the men who founded it all.

The Truth About Red Lobster

You’ve probably eaten at a Darden establishment. I doubt anyone has never dined at an Olive Garden. Longhorn Steakhouse, perhaps? Darden controls seven franchises with 1,500 locations and a combined $6.8 billion in revenue.

Despite being smaller than they once were, they still operate the most casual restaurants in the US and Canada.

It’s Still a Fluid Business

Evidently, Golden Gate saw potential in the more than 40-year-old business. The goal of the game is making a profit, therefore if you’re not doing it, you need some assistance.

Golden Gate Capital accepted a $575 million minority stake from Thai Union Group PCL in 2016. The Asian company, which distributes seafood, will save money by offering its goods.

The Truth About Red Lobster

Given that they own Chicken of the Sea, Thai Union Group products are certainly familiar to you. You are aware of what that entails. Right now, Jessica Simpson must adore Red Lobster.

Red Lobster is Released

Given that Darden wouldn’t exist without Red Lobster, you’d think they’d be a little bit brand-protective.

Not if There is money To be Made. Red Lobster was failing in 2012, oh wait, I see. Red Lobster’s Revenues dropped 2.7 percent in the Second quarter of 2012 after a decade of ups and downs, And the rest of Darden’s businesses also struggled.

The Truth About Red Lobster

Darden Sold Red Lobster to Golden Gate Capital for $2.1 billion in 2014 despite being the chain’s founder. When you stop to think about it, the same issues Woodsby encountered in the late 1960s—fish is still expensive to stock. also present now.

What’s Old is New Again

Golden Gate and Thai had a vision; they wanted to keep the brand, but at the same time update the menu to make it fresh and in-line with today’s tastes.

And guess what? It worked. Red Lobster is a hit with millennials. Turns out, people between the ages of 18-24 called it their number one casual dining restaurant in a recent survey.

The Truth About Red Lobster

You know what really helped Red Lobster? Beyoncé. The Super Bowl 50 performance of “Formation” features Mrs. Carter singing about Red Lobster.

Who knew the Bey-Hive could handle water? Sales rose 33 percent immediately after Red Lobster got the free advertising during the most-watched TV event of the year. Just what they needed.

Charley’s Name is Still Out There

Olive Garden and the other members of the Darden family of restaurants continue Bill Darden’s heritage, thus Red Lobster is still operating. But what about Charley? Mr. Woodsby actually fared fairly well for himself.

Charley and his son Ron started Talk of the Town, as we already mentioned. They are the owners of a network of upscale sit-down restaurants in central Florida.

The Truth About Red Lobster

Despite being semi-retired, Charley Woodsby is still active, and his name is attached to a fantastic restaurant in Orlando.

He is the Charley of Orlando’s well-known steakhouse, Charley’s Steakhouse. Who would have thought that fifty years ago, when two Georgian men traveled to Florida to buy a duck and later open a lobster, their names would still be used in the restaurant industry?


In Comparison to its Modest beginnings in Lakeland, Florida, Red Lobster has come a long way. It is currently one of the biggest and most well-known seafood restaurant businesses worldwide.

It has a devoted following among seafood connoisseurs and casual customers alike thanks to its dedication to high-quality, inexpensive seafood and sustainability.

If You’re Searching for a Red Lobster has Something for everyone, Whether you’re Searching for a special occasion meal or a fun night out with friends and family.

It’s No Surprise that Red Lobster has Captured the hearts of Americans with its extensive menu, warm service, and dedication to sustainability.

So the Next time you’re in the Mood for Seafood, think about going To Red Lobster for a Special Meal. You won’t be let down by anything, including the fresh seafood meals and Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

FAQs About Red Lobster

What is Red Lobster known for?

Red Lobster is renowned for its delicious, reasonably priced seafood entrees, which include classics like lobster tail and shrimp scampi. The eatery is renowned for their Cheddar Bay Biscuits as well.

What is Red Lobster’s slogan?

With 673 Seafood locations, Red Lobster is Launching a $60 million advertising campaign today with the tagline “Share the Love.” The tagline will be prominently shown in a number of TV commercials, as well as within Red Lobster eateries and online.

Does Red Lobster offer non-seafood dishes?

It’s True that Red Lobster Serves a variety of Non-seafood options, such as steak, chicken, and pasta.

Is Red Lobster committed to sustainability?

Red Lobster has taken a variety of steps to guarantee that its seafood is acquired responsibly and is committed to sustainable seafood practices.

Does Red Lobster offer takeout and catering options?

Yes, Red Lobster provides catering and takeout services so that patrons can enjoy their preferred meals at home.

How many locations does Red Lobster have?

One of the Biggest Seafood Restaurant chains in the World, Red Lobster has over 700 Locations Across the United States And other nations.

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